Friday, 24 April 2009

the waiting is over

My story 'In Difference' is out now in Island 116, so grab yourself a copy. It's true that there are other excellent pieces in there too, so it's $11.95 well spent.

Island has been on my hit list of journals I'd like to be published in since the very early days. Which makes it all the more exciting.

The waiting is over for the EWF program too, after picking up a copy at the program launch last night. Had a great time catching up with some people I haven't seen in a while and even scored a ride in a friend's racey red mini. The festival is going to be an absolutely fabulous 10 days of wordy stuff. I just know it's going to be a sellout again, so get in early. I can hardly wait (although I probably need all those weeks to plan what to go to).

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I competed in my first slam at the weekend and was impressed to finish third, behind Benjamin 'IQ' Sanders and Michael Reynolds, both worthy contestants. It was a lot of fun and of course, with the scoring popping up so quickly, a great opportunity to get instant feedback on some pieces. It would seem my spider poem is a definite hit and is sure to come out again.

Perhaps as soon as May 12th. Yep, that's right, I was invited to compete in the next heat, and I am sure there will be tough competition again. I am also sure it'll be fun again, and as that's my main priority, I felt I had to accept. It'll all be happening at ETs Hotel, 211 High St, Prahran, from 8pm on Tues May 12.

I was also invited to do another feature, but, as that isn't until later in the year, will hold off with the details for now.

Anyway, the weekend slam inspired me to conjure up some more performance pieces, so I have been working on a couple for the last two days. Not sure what this might mean for the novel, which is frustrating me a little at the moment (the novel, not what it means). Maybe with what's coming up, including being busy all through May, I might put the novel on hold until June and spend some time working on performance pieces.

Meanwhile, I am heading to the EWF program launch on Thursday (look out for the program online soon afterwards) and then to a poetry workshop with Kevin Brophy (run by the Melbourne Poets Union) on Friday. I feel so very busy, but in truth, getting to poetry/lit events is really my only kid-free time, so no wonder I'm trying to get out to more of them!

Message for Carol

Please do try to email again, as I think you tried while I was changing web hosts. If you have trouble again, perhaps the best option might be to pop a note in the mail: PO Box 566, Cockatoo, 3781.

Monday, 13 April 2009

A month of festival

May is shaping up to be one huge month. A month full of festivals.

First up there's the Newstead Short Story Tattoo: the only short story festival in Australia. I was pretty impressed to be included in the program and even more so when I found out more about my session:

The Fictitious Woman
The Fictitious Woman brings together some of the strongest storytelling female talent around including Carmel Bird, Cate Kennedy, Josephine Rowe, Angela Meyer, Tiggy Johnson, Eleanor Marney (TBC) and Newstead's own Janet Barker. The event will be MC'd by the driver of all things wordy, direct from Chewton, Zoe Dattner.
Sat 16.5.09, 11.30am, Dig cafe, Lyons Street, Newstead

Then, starting just the following weekend, is the Emerging Writers' Festival, which runs from Friday 22nd May to Sunday 31st May. The program will be launched on 23rd April, so be sure to check out the events shortly sold out last year before the festival started.

Anyway, come see me there. On Thursday 28th May, I will be part of the evening's 15 minutes of fame event. Then, on Saturday 30th May I am participating in a panel discussion:

Just Write Dammit!
Writers discuss their techniques to be able to constantly write, as well as reflect on how they structure their writing day.
With Victoria Carless, Andrew Hutchinson, Tiggy Johnson & PD Martin.
Hosted by Matt Davies.
11.00am Saturday the 30th of May
Yarra Room, Melbourne Town Hall

Hopefully this will balance out with the awful month I'm having so far in April. Not so much awful in general terms, just as far as productive writing goes. Should make things interesting as far as talking about the structure of my writing day...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Poetry and short story submissions

It's hard to believe it's already April and hence, time to start sorting through submissions for page seventeen Issue 7. I know it's a cliche, but it hardly seems like there's been a break.

Anyway, submissions have already made their way in, so, if you plan to send something along, please do. You have until june 30.

Check the guidelines first, because we have made some changes, including that we now accept longer individual pieces. You will also need to complete the cover sheet, but we still accept, and prefer, email submissions, although you'll need to send competition entries the old fashioned way.