Monday, 2 November 2009

NaNoWriMo update day 2

Just taking five minutes out to let you know how I'm going with this November craziness.

Well, as I wrote my schedule when I thought I'd be off on a family camping trip, I'd planned to write only 1000 words by the end of today, and I did more than twice that just yesterday.

Actually, signed off last night with a total of 2210 and hit the 5.5K mark a couple of hours ago. Since then had to pick up 7yo from school (who has been feeling much better thanks) although came home alone as he's off to a friend's. So, I have one hour to write then to go pick him up, which will take a while as it turned into a dinner invitation for both of us.

I'll try to hit 6K before then.

When we get home, I'll see if I can't add another 1000 as I enjoy another bottle of Auslese Tokay before packing it in for the day.

If you're NaNo'ing, I hope you're on track (or better) too.

But before I go, must mention that I'm doing a feature at WestWord Poetry this Sunday, so, if you need to get out for some inspiration, pop on down to the Dancing Dog cafe, 42A Albert Street, Footscray for a 5pm start. $2 (I think).


Lisa said...

Wow Tiggy - you're doing great!

If I don't pull my finger out you'll have a whole book by the end of the year and I'll still be fluffing around...

Keep up the good work! :)

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Lisa, am having a lot of fun too. And learning about my processes etc.

You are doing great too. 35K is huge, and you are racing against your own pre-set goals... and achieving them!

Carolyn said...

Good work Tiggy, I'm amazed at what you squeeze into a day!

Tiggy Johnson said...

I'm not sure they're different days :)