Monday, 14 December 2009

What about the baby?

When it comes to shopping, I don't even come close to being a stereotypical woman. Most of the time the only thing I find enjoyable about shopping is that I usually meet a friend, which means I not only have good company, but an excuse to eat cake.

Last Friday I did all of these things. I dropped Hamish at school and headed straight to the shopping centre. I didn't get home until 4pm, and there were more positives than just the company and cake (which was lemon meringue in case you need to know).

Christmas shopping offers the bonus of ticking things off a list, and I actually did this at each register as I waited for the credit card receipt to print. While there were many such receipts that I have no intention of adding, I was glad to have just three things left on the list, all of which I can, and prefer, to buy locally. So all up, it was a good day.

But... as is also usual for this time of the year, it turns out I didn't have as comprehensive a list as I thought, and there are more things to get. Most of which will cause no major problem.

The real problem is what to get the baby (if I should even be calling him that at 15 months). So far, I've organised a present for him from his siblings (a book), one from my family, who all put in and leave me to get the gift (with the favour returned for their kids) (another truck, this time a fire engine), and I'm sure Santa will help out with cars, a ball and clothes, as per the list/letter Hamish generously helped him write. But that still leaves him without a present from us.

I'm not sure if it's his age that makes it hard or just the fact that he's a third child in a house of plenty. But, I'm definitely open to suggestions, hint hint.

Meanwhile, I hope your shopping is going to plan (and not breaking the budget).


Penni said...

Hm...I'm with you. Shopping is time sucked from the universe.

This is probably more than you wanted to spend, but I think this is a lovely 'keepsake' toy. It says 3+ but I think Una would have loved it at 2.

My girls still love their pet 'pull-along' toys (a snail and a caterpillar) which they've had since toddlerhood. I think Djeco make expensive gorgeous ones, but there's lots of small inexpensive wooden ones around.

I love those stacking rainbows etc. Ostheimer wooden toys. You could start a tradition of giving him one every Xmas/birthday.

Or if you've got time (I bet you do...not) you could make a little felt book

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Penni for so many excellent suggestions.
The felt book made me laugh, as I have so far abandoned, ahem, postponed all bar one (Dylan's stocking) of my christmas sewing projects.

They already have so many great toys, like pull-alongs, and even that gorgeous wooden teapot cafe you blogged about a while ago.

I definitely like that first idea though. And according to their site, I have until the 18th to decide ;) Might need that long if I'm going to check out the rest of their site adequately.