Sunday, 21 February 2010

sticky dates

It's almost as if this past week never existed and, once tomorrow hits, maybe that's what I'm going to believe.

It's been that time (of hopefully the year) when the five of us share a crappy bug that we seem to make sure we all suffer on a different day. As far as doing any work goes, well, I'm back at square one really, which reminds me of all the people who think I might be doing too much.

But I'm not going to beat myself up about how much writing I may or may not get done in a set period, specifically a short one like, say, a week. Maybe once all the kids are at school (in 2014: sigh) I might push myself a little harder, but for now it just wouldn't be worth it. Instead, when family commitments keep me back, I think about a writing friend who's told me often that when her kids were little, she didn't do any writing. At all.

Anyway, the week wasn't a complete disaster. We bought a fancy new tagine and have already cooked with it, and Bryden made a belated Valentine's sticky date pudding (once we'd recovered from the tummy bug).

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the popular way (was going to say traditional, but is it?), but every year, Bryden does make a sticky date pudding. It's a reminder of our previous lives when we used to spend days cooking together (instead of going to movies, dinner, whatever couples do) and also because he makes the best sticky date pudding in the world.


Bill Farrow said...

I used to get the sara-lee frozen sticky date puddings, microwave them into a bubbling glob of yummyness, and add ice cream.

Can you post Bryden's recipe ? or is that a trade secret :-)

Tiggy Johnson said...

Hey Bill, that sounds disgracefully YUM!

Won't post the recipe, but I might consider emailing it...