Sunday, 18 July 2010

One cold morning

After setting off with just this

we drove past lots of this

and finally, got to wake and dress early enough to have this taken during sunrise last Wednesday, before the ice melted off the windscreen and we changed into shorts and t-shirts.

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Graham Nunn said...

looks like you are having a great trip Tiggy! See you in sunny brisbane in August!!!

ashleycapes said...

Yeah, looks ace, keep having a blast!
Did you consider/did you climb the rock?

Tiggy Johnson said...

Cool indeed!
Mmmmm, sun.
Didn't climb the rock. Wouldn't want to knowing the Anangu people find it offensive. Though we did a couple of the walks and another at Kata Tjuta. Even got a little sunburnt. In July! Imagine!