Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Holiday photo dump

It has become apparent that I am not so good at updating the blog while away, especially when it comes to posting photos, but...

Bryden made an online album today, not that the pics are in a sensible order, but that doesn't matter. There are a couple of funny ones too, one of Hamish with aliens in Wycliffe Well and another of Dylan that Bryden has titled 'aquatic children' taken at Townville's Reef HQ Aquarium.

Anyway, they should give you an idea of some of the fun we've been having. Though I should point out that the water park in Townsville (there's a photo of me with Hamish) was so excellent we went there three times!

We're currently in Bowen, where we'll get a new set of tyres if we realise Friday is Friday at the right time, and then in Airlie Beach on Monday, we're booked to get a new windscreen. Meanwhile, tomorrow is scheduled for strawberry picking and more time at the beach, or the excellent pool at the caravan park we're staying in.

Here's the link to the photos. Enjoy.


Leonie said...

Looks like you guys are having an awesome time!!

Graham Nunn said...

Hope you are getting lots of sun Tiggy!!!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Mostly, Leonie, mostly.
Graham, I have a suntan like I haven't had since I was a kid! I might think it's cold when I get to Brisbane.