Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The NaNo start

You know, I kind of liked that list thing I did a couple of weeks ago, so I think I might go with it again.

- I am off to a good start in NaNoWriMo, having met the daily word count so far on both days.

- I’m going to have to hold on to just scraping through close to the 1667 words required for another day, by writing in the evening, as Thursday will be my first actual writing day. Then, I’ll hope to get ahead. Even if just a little.

- I spent yesterday baking for Claudia’s 5th birthday party today. Both the baking and the party were fun and yes, I have plenty of cake/NaNo fuel left over.

- We sold our house.

- We’re probably leaving Melbourne before Christmas. By that I mean before the middle of December.

- I’ll be at Passionate Tongues at the Brunswick Hotel next Monday, 8th, co-featuring alongside Graham Nunn, and I’d love to see you there.

- I’m trying to write a new poem every day this month and I’ll share some with you if you come to Passionate Tongues next Monday, 8th.

- I’m definitely planning to make the First taste launch extend into a going away kind of do, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to have both at the same venue.

- If you have an idea where I might have either of the above events, feel free to share your wisdom. Soon.

- I’ve decided I disagree with one point in Derek Motion’s review of First taste: there is embarrassment. Although not necessarily over the things one might expect.

- The abovementioned embarrassment is ten-fold when the one line in the entire book that I find embarrassing is quoted on the internet (although I am almost over this already). This is probably much less embarrassing if it doesn’t come up in certain google searches.

- Don’t bother asking which line I’m talking about, because telling you would just cause further embarrassment. But if you come to Passionate Tongues next Monday, 8th, it’s possible you’ll find out.

- I read and loved Marchetta's On the Jellicoe Road.

- It was really nice to not have an Open Inspection last Saturday.


Benjamin Solah said...

Glad to hear your first days of NaNo are going well. Mine are too. It's fun to have others pushing you along too.

I'll be at Passionate Tongues too, perhaps reading a poem that is somehow inserted into my novel. That could be strange.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Great to know you're going to Passionate Tongues. Just for you, I'll read one of my new political ones.
And if I may say so, your NaNo progress is amazing!

Melpomene Selemidis said...

I've been thinking 'bout the launch coming up soon and I thought about the last launch I went to which was UNTITLED 3rd issue last Sunday at Poet House in Thornbury. Old house/semi renovated, small rooms, high ceilings, large kitchen & deck out back. They had nibbles & drinks & readings.
Don't know if that suits but it's a thought.


Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mel. Meanwhile I've made a booking for Caffe Sospeso in Hawthorn, Sun 28th, 3pm. Shall post details soon.