Monday, 18 August 2008

Slow August

It would be fair to say that not much has been happening in my writing life lately. The ideas being jotted into journals are slow, if existent, and I have not been able to get to any of the many events on in Melbourne during this month. Nor will I get to the MWF, which is a massive disappointment, given there are several events that are definitely worth attendance. Including this one.

But I will have to get over it, as I am sure I will.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to send some of my work out, although this too is happening slowly. Even more slowly since I discovered, the fun way, that I needed a new printer cartridge. But I have my fingers crossed that I will have one in today's mail. To be honest though, this has caused more of an issue as far as sending out notifications to page seventeen contributors than it has been for my own personal use. But I remain confident that everyone will still be notified before the end of August. Well, except for those whose eemails have already bounced and those that will in the next week or so.

Bring on September.

1 comment:

nathan curnow said...

hey tiggy.
thanks for the plug/link.

will be sure to catch you around somewhere else... & looking forward to seeing the Pg 17 comp shortlist.

cheers now