Sunday, 15 March 2009

Get out

Last year some time, one of my writing friends and I decided we would try to get out more. With family commitments and distance, it can be difficult, but we are doing our best to overcome that, at least often enough to feel like we're getting to some new places.

We've been regulars at the Word Tree in Upwey (formerly the Red Room in Belgrave) for years, and so it is time to head west, into the big smoke. Initially we figured we'd start out in March, but the Passionate Tongues gig provided an incentive to start early. We went to the Melbourne Poets Union's Babel Babble in February, featuring Alex Scott, Anna Fern and Santo Cazzati and have planned out some outings for March.

On Tuesday 17th, we're going to the Spinning Room, where Josephine Rowe will feature: 211 High Street, Prahran, 8.00pm. On Saturday 21st we're hoping to get to the Dan: 225 Canning Street, Carlton, 2pm. And then on Friday 27th, we're going back to the MPU to see alicia sometimes and Tug Dumbly: 2nd floor, Nicholas Building, Melbourne, 7.30pm.

Make sure to say g'day if you happen to be going to any of these too.

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