Friday, 20 February 2009

PT and POV

Had a great time at Passionate Tongues. It was certainly a treat to have my own cheer squad, including my folks. Avoided doing one particular poem because Mum was there, but didn't avoid any of the other 'family' ones. Seems they even enjoyed their night of poetry. Who would have guessed. And I have scheduled in to go back on May 11 (I know it's ages away) to listen to Yvette Stubbs and Phil Norton.

Have been thinking about my writing process a lot lately, the gig and a conversation or two I've had with other writers helping. I've always known that my stories and poems come from different places within me, but these last weeks I've been noticing that I seem to use second person a lot in my poems. I'm not really sure why, except that I think the first time I did it a few years ago it was to give the piece a personal feel. (That might not sound like it makes sense, but it did work.) Other than that though, it often feels like a poem has a nicer rhythm when in second person. Or maybe I'm just making that up and second person is a phase I'm going through. I guess time will tell.


Vikth said...

Was great to see you feature at Passionate Tongues- loved not only your work but your presentation.

From of your many cheer squad :)

Mum2Jay said...

By using second person POV with your poetry you are involving the listener/reader, this does make it more personal in that way. It's almost as if you are writing a poem 'about' them, which some people may find uncomfortable but not anyone who would be attending a poetry reading I would think...