Saturday, 7 February 2009


It seems like it could be a great little happy birthday for Svetlana with a renewed energy about the place. Angela Meyer reviewed Svetlana or otherwise and you can go here to check it out. While you're there I definitely recommend you check out more of Angela's blog, Literary Minded. She discusses all things literary, including reviews of books and events, as well as posting interviews and so much more. And you can always hear the excitement as you read, very inspiring.

In other news, met with my novel buddy to set new goals yesterday and we were both pretty pleased with our progress during the last month. We each set new goals, and have only a little over three weeks to get it all done this time.

Before I can do the next thing on my list, I have to decide whether to keep it all in the protagonist's point or view or to let some others tell bits of the story. Hadn't even thought of this until reading Angela's review, but I think I like the idea. The only hitch is that I was planning to write in first person, so not sure how well it will go if most of it is in first person with a few chapters of second person from other character's POV thrown in. But, with a science background, I'm prepared to experiment. How else will I ever use that degree anyway?

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Vikth said...

Frankly I enjoy a story with more than one perspective. It offers reveals more information for the reader, correct or not as the case may be, and it also creates more depth in a character as we see them through different points of view.