Wednesday, 17 March 2010

bag the routine

Lately there have been so many things going on that I don't really know what's happening.

In good news, I've been putting together a team for Issue 8 of page seventeen, which I will announce in a couple of weeks. As well as share some other exciting news.

In writing news, well, I'm not sure. There have been some good days and some not so good days and I'm not about to go boasting about productivity. Instead I suspect I'm struggling to find a new routine and seem to be getting words out only when there's a looming deadline. Another thing I'm not so sure about.

Speaking of routines, and this may have something to do with my difficulty in settling down to one, Bryden's office moved to the city which has turned us all upside down, with changes in everything from kid drop-offs and pick-ups to grocery shopping. Hopefully we'll get used to it quickly, although something tells me it's not going to be the case.

We've had a few kiddy dramas over the last week or so too. Last Friday Hamish had a fall at school and suffered a mild concussion. He is fully recovered now, with the exception of a small graze on his elbow, and really was as good as new on Saturday morning. Since then, Dylan has been barking like a pup with an occasional mild temperature, meaning no childcare. But I've looked on the bright side of losing a writing day: I caught up on washing.

I also managed to fit in a touch of sewing and today finished these two bags, one for me and one for the gift-cupboard. I should probably finish another project before starting on the new bag pattern and fabric that arrived yesterday, but...


Leonie said...

Would it break our agreement???? Coz that would mean I could too.....

Tiggy Johnson said...

Agreement? I thought we were talking 'guidelines'.

I reckon if you're going to do sewing other than what you said, then go for it ;)