Monday, 29 March 2010

music for the generations

Despite our birth dates both sitting neatly within the band that defines us as part of Generation X, my husband recently explained that we are certainly not of the same generation.

Of course he was implying that I am from a more ancient one.

My first reaction was to remind him that I am only three years older because I figured his motivation was merely a new way of saying so. (Past methods of reminder include asking what colour zimmerframe I might like for my birthday, trying to credit my less-grey-hair-than-him on the dye I used (seven years ago) and the delight he took in me being thirty-something while he still had a 2 at the beginning of his age.)

But no, this isn't what he meant.

It was all about music.

Confused? Yep, so was I (which, I believe forms part of the said generation gap) and to be honest, still am. Essentially, what he was saying was that he has superior taste in music.

Now, I'm not going to go and pretend I'm any kind of music ace and the truth is that when we moved in together and pooled our CDs, the only double we had was, and I cringe in shame as I share this, Frente's Marvin The Album. Not that I've listened to it since. Partly because I don't spend much time playing CDs, preferring the (rare) quiet or the background noise of the radio (especially a station he wouldn't choose).

When I do tend to play CDs while writing (or studying), I get out some faves, including (but not limited to) Chris Isaak, Mental as Anything, Smashmouth or some trashy 80s hits. The latter, it seems, is where the problem lies. Of course, Bryden isn't a fan of 80s music and continued with a list that any younger-generation-xer would surely own. I don't remember most, but if you're a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana or the Foo Fighters, chances are you're younger than I am. A few examples of friends who like both 80s music and say, the Foo Fighters, confirmed that such types definitely fit within his generation, the younger set of Generation X.

Owning a Jet CD and loving a particular JJJ compilation is apparently not enough to save me. Thank goodness I have other redeeming qualities. Or at least I assume I did ten years ago, before we married.

What's your favourite CD and would your partner hang around while it's on?


Anna said...

When Paul and I pooled our cds when we moved in together in 2003, the only overlap was Jeff Buckley.

He's gen x and I'm gen y, apparently, but since I got an iPod he's discovered the delights of everything from Ben Folds Five to Midnight Juggernauts.

PS. I've got Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros on high rotation at the moment. So much happy!

Tiggy Johnson said...

I own none of those Anna, so perhaps I really do have no hope?

In fact neither does Bryden, so maybe he's kidding himself too.

Glad you're getting so much happy from them though. Won't be long before you'll be playing The Wiggles (or whatever is hip for bubs these days. I'm sure I'm out of date with that too).

Another Lost Shark said...

Jules and I have plenty of overlaps... my fave CD at present, well I would have to say West of Rome by Vic Chesnutt. Would Jules hang around... well she finds it a bit sad after Vic passed away on Christmas Day last year, so she would politely leave the room.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Graham. I'm not sure you'd score so well on this generation thing (according to Bryden anyway). I think Jules' reason for leaving the room is quite respectful, unlike what discreetly happens when I get into Bryden's car.

ashleycapes said...

Yeah, plenty of overlaps from me & Brooke too - and she'd have no probs with a Zep CD on

Though I admit I take great delight in searching out obscure artists, however, Lucio Battisti, for instance, a current fav, is hardly obscure in Italy etc

Tiggy Johnson said...

Hey Ashley, knowing how old, err young, you are and having never heard of Lucio Battisti, I'm going to lash out and suggest that, according to my husband's theory, you might well be a baby-boomer... or worse!

ashleycapes said...

Cool! Baby Boomer! That would be a generational title I'd be ok with, genY is a tag I'm much concerned with avoiding wherever possible :)

Yeah, my tastes do run backwards & obscure at times, there must be a music snob inside me somewhere, sadly!

Jeff said...

Tiggy, I have an absurdly large music collection which I do not have to share with a partner, and which I doubt that I would ever be willing to share (a pre-nup might be on the cards in order to safeguard it). I have all the CDs you like plus all the CDs Bryden likes, plus much more, plus Bach, Sibelius, Schoenerg, Nancarrow (I know - who?), plus Miles Davis, Stanley Turrentine, Sonny Rollins,plus country, plus Brazilian, Indian, Israeli, Arabic, etc. I shudder at the narrowness of most people's musical tastes. The problem with such tastes is that they can be confined within a generation - music is too important and beautiful to be straightjacketed by the accident of one's birth date, as though the music of this or that decade, or century, could ever be enough.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks for your comment Jeff, and I think you might be onto something. I imagine it must be tough trying to choose what to play sometimes. I would spend too long doing just that. Although I don't think that's why I go for quiet or the radio.