Thursday, 6 January 2011

not a resolution

I wouldn't call it a new year's resolution but in 2011 I plan to engage in some serious slowing down. I'm not sure at the moment what that entails exactly, except that it definitely means less time online.

This will be easier than if I'd said it at any other time, as despite our new home being in the metropolitan area of Brisbane, as far as Telstra and its fabulous services go, we may as well be creating a new town in the middle of the desert. Without ADSL, it shouldn't be too tough to stay off the interwebs.

So, at some stage in the near, or not so near, future, I may update you on my 2010 reading (I stuck with reading novels by only Australian women) and a few other bits and pieces. Or I may not. One thing I'll tell you now though, is that in 2011 I plan to read novels that are debuts by Australian writers. I'm starting with Forster's 'The book of Emmett'. I'm also reading Gretchen Shirm's short story collection, 'Having Cried Wolf,' which I was fortunate enough to 'win' recently on twitter when Affirm Press had a little competition. Not that a short story collection would have to be a debut collection for me to read it this year. Just novels.


Leonie said...

Well that's certainly one way of slowing down on the internet. I'm trying to shut the lid on the laptop more often!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Good luck with that. I never found it worked for me ;)
And yes, giving up on using the internet beats being shitty with telstra all the time.
Hope you have a great week at the beach!

Laurie Steed said...

Tiggy, I feel similar at times. I really enjoy my time online but often find it hard to switch my brain off at bedtime.

Hope you're loving Brisbane!