Friday, 11 July 2008

It's taken some time, but...

I'm finally here. Yes, I've been arm-twisted into the world of the blog, and perhaps I would have made it slightly sooner, but for the difficulties of coming up with a title.

So much for creative writing!

Although I do believe that titles are by far the most difficult part of a piece of writing. It's great when a title jumps out at you after you've finished a story or poem, and you just know it's perfect, but when that doesn't happen, it can be agonising.

And worse with a blog, as at least with a story or poem, I know what I have written about already. Anyway, hopefully I've chosen well. Too bad if I haven't.


Vikth said...

Hi Tiggy
great to see you venturing into the world of blog.
looking forward to seeing the progress of your words
vik :)

feathers said...

Hi Tiggy

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Let it all hang out and say what you really think for the whole world to hear.