Thursday, 17 July 2008


I think I started writing lists back at uni, when, on my day off, I needed the discipline to study. Especially in the colder months. I'd make a roast every Wednesday, just so I had an excuse to have the oven on for most of the day, and I'd settle in at the kitchen table with the books.

Back then my lists used to include things like showering, eating breakfast, and on days when I needed a particular boost to get started, maybe even making a cup of coffee. Very sad, I know, but it worked. I'd have at least two things on my list ticked off before I even got started, and an amazing feeling that I was already well on my way to the end of the list.

Now, my lists don't include the silly stuff, but they do help me organise myself. Not sure if it's because there are so many things that need organising, or if my brain is breaking down with age. Probably both.

There are many lists. Separate ones, for different tasks, and then the ones I need to have for the days I have time to be productive. The 'to-do' list. All the lists are kept in a little book, kind of like another writing journal, except the shopping list, and I have found the key to good list writing is to write the list the day before you plan to attack it. True, it sounds kind of obsessive, but I will put off worrying about that until I start the list that helps me keep track of all the other lists.

I have been wondering though, why I have never created a character who is list-obsessed. Maybe I should add that to the 'story ideas' list?

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nathan curnow said...

hey tiggy... good job on the blog. I promise to visit regularly. will stick it on my links page. Yibbidee Yibbidah!