Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I've had an idea for a novel for some time now, although it so far exists only in my mind and in the A4 exercise book I bought especially for its notes. Actually, I have also written the first three chapters (which already need changes, but we won't go there...yet).

A novel is the kind of writing I plan, being anal and all, and I have had a rough chapter outline in the book for longer than I care to admit. I have been grappling though, with the main subplot, trying to figure out how to do the research I need to do without actually doing the research. Not because I'm trying to avoid doing the research for the heck of it, I actually have good reason (this time). If I engage in the research I need to do, it is more than likely I will get hooked in and waste many many hours, not to mention develop anti-social behaviours.

In the car a few days ago, where many of my good ideas come from, the subplot all fell into place, in a way that won't really require any research. Now, that's the kind of idea I like. And now it's recorded safely in my A4 book, waiting for more notes to keep it company...


Dr Bones said...

That wouldn't have been in my car would it?

Tiggy Johnson said...

hehe. No, it was actually a few days before that. Trust me, you would know if I had a fab idea while you were in the car with me. I have already trained one of my children to talk to themselves ;-)