Friday, 19 September 2008


While I am still on a self-imposed writing ban (until the editing and layout for page seventeen Issue 6 is done, ready to go for proofreading), I have managed to find ways to organise my writing. I know that may sound rather odd, but with so many things to do and only little slots of time to fit them into, my writing time definitely needs to be organised.

The novel I am keen to write, that I have mentioned a few times here, is the current focus. A writer friend, L, is also keen to make waves on her own novel and is currently doing a lot of the (historical) research she needs to do before getting started. Meanwhile, we have made semi-plans to buddy up to keep each other motivated, inspired, honest, and all those things that help a writer to keep on writing.

We're going to meet first up in January to make plans that we will stick to throughout the year. Of course, the one thing we already know is that each month we meet, there will be muffins. Unless there's cake. And coffee.

So now, all I need to do is to make a good start on my background work (read planning, character development) before then so I'll be able to make a cracking start come January.

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