Friday, 21 August 2009

award winning launch

After such a slow week, I decided to get in three hours work this morning before I jump on the Belgrave train to the launch of Melbourne Books' Award Winning Australian Fiction at MWF. Jennifer Mills' story 'The capital of missing persons', that won our 2008 Short Story competition, is included in this lovely volume, and Jen even rates a mention on the blurb. Ya gotta love that.

I wonder how our first placed 2009 story might go next year, although of course, you don't know which of the ten shortlisted stories it might be. Yes, our 2009 shortlist has been updated to the website, here, so you can check that out. Big congrats to the ten shortlisted story writers, eleven shortlisted poets, and Vicki Grieves, whose image 'Deep Stillness' will be gracing the cover of Issue 7. (Winners will be announced at the launch, Nov 7, which I'll talk more about later.)

On Sunday I'm off to an all-day poetry workshop with Emily Ballou. Which means that tomorrow, I will be part of the family plant shopping expedition, so we can turn this

into a smorgasbord of tasty treats that the kids are sure to devour in time to be full by dinner. But, hey, it'll all be healthy, so it probably won't matter, so long as they don't eat only strawberries and raspberries. Somehow I'm not so confident.


Maxine said...

Wish I could have been at the launch! You veggie garden looks much more organised than what passes for mine :)

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks for stopping by Maxine. The launch was great, packed out. And the secret of the veggie garden is that my husband takes care of it :)