Wednesday, 26 August 2009

shopping fun-o-metre

Since Sunday's poetry workshop with Emily Ballou, which was fantastic, I've been caught up in parental life. It even took until today before I made my to-do list for the week. Which is tragically long, particularly given I have an appointment in the city tomorrow and then will be at MWF again on Friday. The better part of my two working days, lost. I will have to forego sleep if I am to complete even half of what's on the list. And after the foregone sleep I've already incurred this week, prior to the teeth that literally cut and made the baby bleed appeared, I am somewhat reluctant. Instead I'll accept that I'm behind and will be for the next while. So be it.

I have taken the children shopping twice this week already. Shopping with more than one child at a time is not my idea of fun, and therefore something I rarely do, so yesterday's expedition of two major stops with two kids was particularly impressive. Actually, shopping with even one child doesn't usually register on my fun-o-metre. Today I took just Claudia for a one and a half hour trip to collect as many birthday presents as we could before the second of our annual family birthday season begins next week. I was definitely impressed with her behaviour, although I can't see myself rushing to go again. Is it just me?

What was fun was baking double chocolate chip cookies with Hamish. Except it means I'll probably have to let him eat some too. Next week will be a full-on bake-a-thon, in preparation for my baby's first birthday. Can't believe it's true. But he seems pleased about it (and he hasn't even seen the cake yet).

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