Monday, 21 September 2009

editing v camping

Having a quiet week at home alone as the family have gone camping. I was originally going to catch up with them by train tomorrow or Wednesday, but instead I've been allowed to stay here and finish the editing and layout for issue 7. Either that or hubby felt for me when I said: What if I wanted for my birthday to not go camping?

Have spent most of today trying to get through the last of the editing, mostly just simple stuff at this stage, formatting, house style, the odd missing/extra full stop still hanging around. I'd like to say I'll finish it today, but it's driving me nuts and I wonder if perhaps I should start on the layout instead.

I've bargained with myself that I'll finish it all before even looking at my own writing. Other than preparing for the second Victorian heat of the National Slam, which is at the Ferntree Gully library tonight. Although I know what piece I'm going to use. Wish me luck.

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