Tuesday, 15 September 2009

sounds like poetry

Seems like I haven't been here in ages, and I suppose a week can seem like that sometimes.

I'm going to go right ahead and suggest it's all due to being busy attending a few Overload events last week. I'm not going to go into the details, but everything I went to was superb. The Overload team did a smashing job in putting the festival together, and I hope they're patting themselves on the back now, if they're not curled up in some cosy sleep-pose.

I'd like to suggest which event might have been the highlight, but even that's a bit difficult. Arm-twisted to commit, I'd have to say it was Poetic Riffs, which featured tap-dancing SA poet, Jenny Toune, followed by Queensland duo Graham Nunn and Sheish Money, with Sean M Whelan and the Interim Lovers ending the night.

It was over a week ago, so I won't try to recall details, but the night was definitely inspirational. Sean M Whelan amazes me every time I see him perform, and the Queenslanders were deserving of the encore the audience insisted on. It was a pleasure too, to be able to get a copy of their new CD The Stillest Hour (before they officially launch/ed it back home), which is a great listen.

In fact, I was so inspired after this event that I organised a day with my (musician) father to have a go at recoding some of my poems to music. Which I did last Thursday, and had a ball. I will definitely have another go at it, and confess that on the first listen back in the car I heard so many things I just had to change. Meaning none of the tracks we recorded are ready...yet.

Think I might have to dig out my old dictaphone and use it to record myself as a standard editing tool, or maybe, just maybe I'll get with the times and learn how to use the microphone and associated software on my new toy, and early birthday present, one of these.