Friday, 23 October 2009

Guest post on SPLOG: the SPUNC blog

Now, don't go getting used to me posting three days in a row, because it isn't likely to happen too often. But thought you might want to know I've written a guest post for the SPUNC blog, SPLOG.

It's called 'A Way to Work with Everyone: The Page Seventeen Editorial Process' and you can check it out by clicking the title.

Meanwhile, this afternoon's plan is to get my head back into the space it needs to be by November 1, and to find out where the pens keep going.


Lisa said...

I'll click and have a look in a mo - meanwhile, are we meeting again before we go on holidays?

ps: we have that disappearing pen problem here too...

Tiggy Johnson said...

Maybe... I'll email you and we can work something out.