Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Reader launch

The launch of The Reader on Monday was a heap of fun and even inspired a discussion of bowl licking. You see, the chocolate mousse was served in shot glasses in which the bottom could not be reached with the spoon. Used the correct way, anyway. Thankfully a friend and I problem-solved our way out of this without the need for (totally) inappropriate behaviour.

And it wasn't just the mousse that was fabulous.

If you haven't seen the book yet, you need to get yourself a copy. Here. It has an absolutely stellar line-up, and I don't say that just because I have a piece included (although mine is certainly excellent). And because they have summed it up better than I could, here's a bit of what EWF say about it themselves:

The Reader is a peek behind the curtain at what goes on in the offices, workshops, garrets and studios of Australian writers. It contains everything from practical, how-to advice on surviving as a freelancer or improving your grammar, to thoughtful, critical and hilarious reflections on coping with rejection, balancing writing and parenthood, and how to cultivate the ultimate author profile shot.

It includes (but is not limited to) sections about the craft, the story, the process, the industry, the writer, the mentor and the circuit. It is a must for any writer.

And I recommend reading it with a serve of chocolate mousse. Although you will have to supply your own.


simonnemichelle said...

Oh, I missed the mousse!!

Tiggy Johnson said...

I feel your pain, but still time to tuck into some while you read the rest :)