Saturday, 9 January 2010

not writing

I don't tend to do much, if any, writing during January, mostly because I don't get much time to myself. Instead, I tend to sew, and recall that this time last year, my sewing machine was doing overtime as I pieced the blocks to a quilt called Butterfly Garden that will take me years to finish.

But I haven't been sewing much lately so, with a friend, devised a sort-of-competition that would have us both back in production. It's not a competition in the usual way, but rather an attempt to motivate us both. And when I made an actual list of my works in progress (WIP), it was clear I need to sew. Other than the above-mentioned quilt, which is for myself, I have started eight others, as well as aprons and bags and two skirts for Claudia. Five of the 'others' are smallish, Christmas themed and will become gifts, so they are not my current priority.
I'm supposed to focus on 'my' quilt, although I'll probably alternate between that and working on any of the others that are nearly finished.

Today I made a good start and finished the two aprons, and as I'm allowed to start something new once I finish three WIPs, I might start thinking about what to make next.


sandcastle said...

Hello Tiggy, love your blog. I can relate to your time-poor status in January... school holidays, etc. A good time to sew. I attended your fabulous First Draft - what next? program last week, and loved it. I am also a sewing enthusiast, inclined towards quilting too... I've completed four, one for each child's bed and a smaller decorative one for myself... I have these posted on the About page of my blog at
I don't use my blog too often, but set it up primarily as a place from which to post my illustrations on Illustration Friday. Thinking about adding a sub-blog now that's dedicated to writing.
Enjoy the summer break,

Tiggy Johnson said...

Hi Yvonne, thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the workshop. I see you choose quilts with symmetry too, wonder if that's a science nerd thing? LOL. Your hand quilting puts me to shame, although you make me think I should include some more pics of my sewing 'things'.