Sunday, 17 January 2010

still chilling out

I still haven't been up to much and am actually enjoying just chilling out. I knew I was going to need a good break, but I also thought I'd be back into the swing of things by now, albeit slowly.

But that hasn't happened, and to be honest, I'm keen to continue doing some more nothing. Quite a bit more nothing. Without feeling guilty.

One thing I have done is to read a couple of books and another is to work out some writing goals for 2010, which I'll share when my head kicks back into gear. I expect that will probaby happen soon after Hamish goes back to school and the house is quiet for longer than five minutes at a time.

The big decision I have at the moment is whether I can be bothered making a trip to Rutherglen and Shepparton to restock on tokay (I can't believe I ran out again!!) and the finest the SPC/Ardmona cannery has to offer. Although firstly, I shouldn't be saying tokay, as they call it topaque now, and secondly, it will be good to have gazillions of cans of baked beans on the ready. Especially if we're going to stick with making a curry every week, as the kids love a good bowl of baked beans with their rice instead of said curry, and so far each curry has lasted us three glorious nights.

If I go, I'll go late next week with Hamish and we'll stay two nights. He'll see it as an excellent opportunity to play Monopoly and while there are so many good reasons to go, it seems tough just thinking about it at the moment. Lucky it's a week or so away, I guess.


lisa said...

I grew up in Shepparton! The supercheap slabs of baked beans and tomatoes and fruit in cans is one of the best things about the place.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Yes, we always get excited when we're planning a trip to the cannery. Although taking just one child will mean I can fill the boot up properly!

gnunn said...

Lots of nothing is something that should be celebrated Tiggy! Glad January is going nice and slowly for you... the curry a week sounds mlike a great idea. I ate the best butter chicken last night... so good!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Graham. Actually trying to decide whether to start writing again or to hold off til school's back. I think it might feel like the end of 'holidays' once I write, trying to hold on.
Curry a week going well so far, although home alone this week, so will have to find a way to justify making one... or find willpower to make a small one. Hope you're enjoying your holiday too, sure you are.