Thursday, 15 April 2010

5 people stuck in a tent for 11 weeks

Now that you know about the talented team that are dedicated to making page seventeen Issue 8 at least as fabulous as issue 7, I can share some other exciting news. The reason I need a team in place to do absolutely everything.

I won't be here.

Bryden's taking his long service leave and we'll be packing up the camper trailer in early-July in search of warmer weather (although that may have to wait until we've finished in Adelaide). On Tuesday 6th July, I'll be the feature poet at The Friendly Street Poets' Monthly Reading in Adelaide, which is sure to keep me warm for at least one winter evening.

Then we'll head north and spend some time in Central Australia before needing to find enough space in the tent for all our stuff as well as enough food to last the five of us a week or more without shops. And in case you didn't know, even though the kids are little, they certainly eat a lot (even compared to adults).

We're not entirely sure which way we'll go to get there, or how long we might stay in any one place, but by the end of August, we'll have made our way to Brisbane. I'm very excited to have been selected for inclusion in the Queensland Poetry Festival's program (even though it isn't available yet: check late-June) and look forward to living it up for the whole weekend while the kids enjoy some quality time with their dad.

The following weekend, on Sunday 5th September, I'll be at Brisbane's SpeedPoets, and then, because the good Brisbane folk would surely have had enough of me by then, we'll start making our way home. I'm not sure when we'll be back, but I'm guessing about September 20. Just in time for my birthday :)

Bryden's been looking forward to doing this kind of trip since before he had a proper job to take leave from and has been preparing me for years (mostly by making me go camping, including a 2 week stint to Adelaide 2+ years ago).

As well as the obvious excitement about poetry events slotted in in advance, they will definitely help me avoid thinking of the trip as just '5 people stuck in a tent together for 11 weeks'.

Seriously though, I'm just as excited as the others. It's hard not to be with the energy of constant discussions and associated google searches. Also, with the exception of one trip to Perth, I haven't been beyond Port Augusta in that direction, and of all our other potential stops, I've been only to Brisbane before.

Meanwhile, if you have any tips on staying sane when you're one of 5 people stuck in a tent for 11 weeks, you know what to do...


Anonymous said...

I think you're only just going to miss out on the wonderful Beanie festival, in Alice Springs!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Just looked it up and yes, we'll miss it. A shame. I could do with a groovy beanie :)

Would love to hear about other events/festivals we might be in time to catch, especially if they're kid-friendly (or dare I say it, more poetry/literary stuff).

Lisa said...

Sounds like you have an awesome trip planned Tiggy!

Tiggy Johnson said...

yeah Lisa, it's going to be great :) I'll even find a way to have the occasional internet connection.

sangga said...

i was just whizzing through yr posts, when yr query about 'how to stay sane while camping' jumped out! we have a big old rug we take camping with us, and lay it down in the shade near the tent as a kind of 'lounge area' for the kids. if their books and games are on it, they're happy, and it keeps them out of the big tent, so we're happy.
we've only ever done 2 weeks camping (with 4 kids) at a stretch - i think you're doing a brave thing! hope the holiday is lovely, and have fun:)

Tiggy Johnson said...

sangga, that is a GREAT idea and I think I might try that. Yes, I think I'm doing a brave thing too, but I'm trying to just think of the fun parts :) Thanks.