Friday, 30 April 2010

teaching the kids patience

I have no intention of admitting how long ago it was I started these, but I like that me making nice things for the kids is an excellent lesson in patience for them. And Claudia is
most happy with her two new skirts.

Although, in some ways, they are four skirts, as they're reversible. Perfect for when you're four and spill something down the front, you can just duck off to the bathroom and turn it inside out.

Having finished two sewing projects, it's tempting to start something new, but a quick glance at my works in progress suggests this is not the best move. Hmm, decisions.


Leonie said...

Nope nothing new, just WIP's :-)

BTW I did heaps of planning for the boys quilts on the weekend...just saying!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Excellent, although I have been doing quite a bit so you'll have to get on with it if you're going to catch me :)