Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Aftermath of the big March detox

I've been well aware that I haven't yet updated you about my March detox, and it's almost halfway through April. While a small part of me was probably putting it off, most of my life is at least that far behind at the moment anyway.

Well, the detox. On one hand, a great success. On another, not so much.

The successful part was that I had zero problems, with one exception, in sticking to it. That is, not consuming any alcohol, dairy, sugar or wheat for the whole of March. The one exception was when I accidentally ate potato chips that were not the plain ones I thought they were when I bought them (I'm going to lash right out here and say it's because the packaging is almost identical and I didn't have my glasses). Anyway, it was just once and during the final week.

The not so successful part is that I ended up feeling worse than I'd felt pre-March. This has never happened before when I've done the detox. Usually I might feel crap for the first week but then I'm supposed to feel excellent; heaps of energy, clear head, blah blah, you get the idea.

Rather, I feel much like I did during my last pregnancy, when I needed help with everything from school pick-ups to preparing simple meals and spent the last few months almost exclusively at home. Although it's not as severe now as then. And before you ask, I am 100% absolutely certainly definitely not pregnant. Promise.

I made myself an appointment to see the doctor (I only had to wait a week). Now, I get to go through all the fun associated with a million tests and trialling medications. It's (probably) something minor, so yay to that, not that I expected otherwise.

Meanwhile, I'll try to stick to at least some of the changes I made last month, although I'm not sure whether to stick to the lower caffeine levels or to amp them up a little. A girl's gotta have one treat.

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