Thursday, 6 May 2010

a little May-hem

As a stay-at-home Mum I usually try to find a fair balance for parenting and my writer/editor needs and desires. This means I don't tend to write while the kids are in my care as well as guiding my selection of what events I will actually trek out for, particularly in making sure I don't go to too many all at once.

But in May, none of that counts. Much. May is the month I wait for, the month the family are given fair warning that they'll just have to take a back seat. And for good reason.

The Emerging Writers' Festival is on.

This has been my favoutite literary event since the year it began and I escaped responsibility for two amazing days of festival. In fact, in those early years it was relatively simple to go to almost all of the thing, as it lasted just one weekend. Now though, the festival lasts an amazing ten days and while this is fabulous in all the obvious ways, I have no hope of going to everything and have to go through the stress of choosing some events over others.

But I will definitely be hanging around the Melbourne Town Hall during the last week of May. Not least of all because I'll be hosting a panel on the Sunday at 10am called 'A short note on process' where panellists Myke Bartlett, Steph Bowe, Chris Downes and Mischa Merz will discuss Early mornings Vs late nights Vs quit your day job and just go at it. Are post it notes essential, should first drafts be longhand, and must a writer write daily? These writers talk about their creative processes: how and when they write, and what routines they have in place for working.

I'll also be at The Page Parlour at Federation Square on Sunday 23rd, 12-5pm where we get the bonus of being Stuck in a lift with Paddy O'Reilly and Mandy Ord. This is free and a great opportunity to check out different publications, so come by and say hello.

I also hope to get to a heap of other events too, including Peter Farrar's 15 Minutes of Fame on Tuesday 25th, Wordstock: AC/DC on Thursday 27th and The First Word on Friday 21st.

But there are a few other things going on in May too.

On May 15th, after Stopping all Stations in Nunawading to see Kristin Henry and open mikers perform, I'll be going to the Brunswick Street Gallery for a bridge for short attention spans, where 30 writers read in 30 minutes, from 7pm.

But before all this, I'm looking forward to this Mothers' Day weekend. We're taking my mum out for lunch on Saturday and I have no idea what's planned for me on Sunday, although I suspect sticky-date pudding might be involved. I certainly hope so.


Anonymous said...

It sounds great and very inspiring. I'm hoping to make a few sessions too.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Excellent. It's definitely worth the effort.

Kylie L said...

Hey- glad I read this. I blogged thsi week about the effect the EWF has had on my writing life too!

Enjoy- wish I could go. Would love to meet up next year when I am back in Melbourne.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks for the link Kylie and wow, what a journey. Yes, the EWF features in many writers' stories and for good reason.

A shame our trip won't take us as far as Broome, so next year in Melbourne it will have to be. Though I'm not so sure why you shouldn't go to the beach every day: laptop, sunglasses, margaritas...

Maxine said...

Hope you have a wonderful mothers day - and looking forward to bumping into you at the festival!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Maxine, you too (especially without morning/day sickness). And 'bump', ha, I see what you did :) (but yes, love to catch up at the festival).