Monday, 10 May 2010

my mother's day haul

I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. It began with a sleep-in and then the kids racing to give me cuddles and kisses before going to help Daddy make French toast.
While that cooked, they delighted in handing over their presents, pictured. One of the things I so love about creche is that even the littlies get to make something special for Mum. You can't see the yellow 'hands' on the edge of the card Dylan made in this picture, that helps explain how much he loves me. Nor the blue footprints on the back that I'm sure he loved making.
Claudia painted the cup at kinder, which says 'Mum's cup' as well as making the glittery card with all those tall, thin people, of which I am apparently the tallest (win). She also gave me the voucher book and I most look forward to cashing in on the one that says 'I promise to put my toys away.'
Hamish bought the notebook (and hand cream) at the school Mother's Day market and proudly told me it is for my poetry.
I feel so fortunate to have such thoughtful and kind children, especially when I think of the way their faces lit up as they watched me open the special things they'd made/chosen for me.
The rest of the day was great too, even though we spent it at home, as the tone from the morning's gift giving and cuddling hung around all day. I hope your day was as lovely as mine, whether because you were the spoiled mum or because you got to spoil a special mum in your life.

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