Thursday, 13 May 2010

the annual fight

It's that time of year when Bryden and I have our annual instalment of a long-standing argument. With evening temperatures way down in the single figures, I believe it's time to get out the winter doona.

Even with the winter doona on the bed, I'd need an extra layer on top, and then on the super-cold nights would carefully lie my dressing gown over the top before sliding between the sheets.

But Bryden insists we leave the summer doona on. He reckons with any more warmth than that, he gets too hot and dehydrated. He argues that I can easily use layers and my hot water bottle (or him) to keep warm, yet he can't shed one layer if he's overheated.

The sad thing is that I know he's right. Not least of all because I tried enforcing the winter doona one year. So this year I might avoid starting the argument. I am pleased he hasn't complained about the flannellette sheets I snuck on last week, though I wonder what I might add to my current stack of layers.

It certainly helps make the idea of separate beds seem appealing. Although I suspect that as Dylan still sleeps in our walk-in-robe at 20 months, we wouldn't have space for another bed. Shame :)


Anna said...

Luka sleeps best when his room temp is 21-22 degrees. I guess being a summer baby (and coming home from hospital in the week of Black Saturday), he got fond of hot nights...

I'm glad he's got his own room now, as I would expire at that temp! We have the summer doona all year round, and I still just wear a singlet to bed...Your house must be a mite colder than ours I think!

Tiggy Johnson said...

Our house is surely a touch colder (at least the bedroom), though I suspect in your house I would want more than just the summer doona too. Bryden calls me his temperature wuss.

One good thing about the big camping trip is that it will be warmer in the tent than it is in my bedroom.