Thursday, 23 October 2008

Crime workshop

I am very excited about this coming Saturday, as I have been invited to a crime writing workshop with Jarad Henry. Every year, a local writers' group, the Lazy River Writers have a writing workshop on the last Saturday of October. I am lucky enough to have been to the last two workshops as well, last year's with Sheila Hollingworth and the year before that with Liam Davison.

But this year is that little bit more exciting. Because it is crime. I am a fan of crime fiction. To read and to write. I love Robert Crais and Harlan Coben, and have a crime novel of my own keeping one of my drawers good company. I've never quite 'got' how a short crime story might work effectively, so hopefully I'll come away with a better feeling about that, and some ideas for one or a handful.

And it will be nice just to spend the entire day thinking about writing.

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Lisa Dempster said...

A short crime story indeed sounds like a challenge... good luck!