Monday, 27 October 2008


It's a fair call to assume that going to a writing workshop will inspire new ideas and new writing. But what about other times? I have always been amazed by how many people ask writers where they get ideas from, as if it's some big secret. Sure, I found inspiration at the workshop I attended on Saturday, and in fact, have an idea for a whole new novel. Another crime one that could find a home in another of my study's drawers perhaps.

But more than that, going to such an event inspires me to write, full stop. Whatever ideas are most pressing, seem more interesting when I scour my journal, or, yes, something that came out of the day.

So, today I am writing. A short story that was originally inspired by a fight my next door neighbours had back in May. The story has been half written, half notes, in one of my journals since then. Although I haven't finished it. The ending seems elusive. mainly because the story took a slight turn that I had not anticipated. But it's all good, because I have faith that the ending will come in the next hours/days/weeks.

Still on insipration, the poem I mentioned a while back was inspired by another writer's excitement about their own idea...when they asked a question about my past, it brought back a memory that seemed worth writing about. The poem I wrote before that was also inspired by something someone said, and focussed on something from my childhood.

As for the new novel idea, now I am torn between what to focus on next year. The non-crime novel I was planning to write, the crime novel inspired by this recent workshop, or a rewrite of the crime novel lining my drawer? And, while I think I know the answer, do let me know if you happen to come across a three-sided coin.

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Leonie said...

Sorry no three sided coins in this house, 4-sided dice perhaps, but no coins!