Friday, 7 November 2008

Book launch

Days have been creeping up on me in the last couple of weeks, and it is hard to believe that the page seventeen Issue 6 launch is tomorrow. Wow.

If you don't already know, we're kicking off at 2.30pm at the Queen of Tarts cafe in Belgrave (eastern Melbourne). It's right near the station and easy to find, being on the roundabout.

We'll be announcing and presenting the prizes to this year's short story and poetry competition winners, listening to poems and story excerpts, drinking great coffee and/or chai, eating fabulous cake and/or tarts, mingling with others we haven't seen in a while or haven't met yet, and all with special guest Lee Kofman.

The launch is one of the things I love most about putting the mag together: meeting/catching up with everyone, listening to contributors read from their work, especially those reading publicly for the first time and, of course, just having a day out and that sigh of relief when I get home that it is all over for another year. Well, maybe not all over, but certainly the busy part.

For those of you who really can't get to the Queen of Tarts, the competition results should find their way onto the site by Sunday evening.

Hope to see you there.


Lisa Dempster said...

See you there!

nathan curnow said...

sounds like the launch went off Tiggy!!! great job