Friday, 3 October 2008

Writing cycles

One of the great things about being a writer is that all the different stages of a piece of writing create a cycle. First stage might be to come up with an idea or to get straight into the writing. You might then leave it a few days and then possibly even workshop with other writers. One or more rewrites later, you might have something ready to send out. If you're lucky, you'll hear back within a couple of months (or less), and either chalk it up to a success, or send it out to someone else.

One of the reasons I like this cycle is that it means something can happen while I am not actually writing. Whether this means I spend some time rewriting a story, or allocate time to send pieces out, or, even better, find out an editor loves one of my stories or poems so much they want to publish it.

Despite my recent lack of writing, and even to add that I have been rather sporadic about sending work out, I had two pieces accepted in the last month. A poem and a story. The story acceptance was received only a couple of days ago, and was from a publication I have been keen to be published in for some time. This has inspired me to get on with the study I need to finish before I can get back into writing, and to finish it quickly. At worst, it needs to be finished by about Oct 20, but maybe I can get it done sooner and start scratching away at some of those ideas waiting in my journal.

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