Sunday, 4 January 2009


Well, the first month's worth of goals for working on this novel have been set. In fact, there is longer than one month to achieve them, as L and I felt is was essential that we wait until school is back before meeting again.

My greatest hurdle will be juggling time, so, to avoid not being too ambitious, I have tried to be conservative with my first goals. I have also set the one/s that I absolutely want to achieve by the next date, as well as to include more that I hope to start on.

While there are several, some relate to merely getting organised and deciding what other tasks I will need to do. The main task for the first month is to complete a character study for my protagonist. Of course, by complete, I don't mean finish, as this will continue to grow as I write. But I definitely need to have a really good feel for who she is before I start. This will feel kind of weird too, as I have never worked this way before. But, aside from me feeling that this novel will need me to have done it this way, time commitments mean it would probably work best anyway.

So, off I go now to make a start.

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