Friday, 30 January 2009

Overcoming Writer's Block

I've been trying to do the last of my share in the planning for the workshop Vicki Thornton and I are presenting at the Victorian Writers' Centre on Saturday 14th Feb. But this heat is enough to stop anyone from doing anything. I have been hiding out in the kitchen, which is where our air con is (I know, crazy place for an air con), and have even resorted to dragging the laptop in there. Even so, I think it might all have to wait until next week, for other reasons as well, like school will be back.

Vicki and I are both looking forward to the workshop (so long as it is much cooler than 40-something degrees) and hope those of you who come will leave with a stack of ideas to keep you going for months, maybe longer.

I know the ideas part of writing is what many writers seem to find difficult, particularly new or beginning writers, which is why we came up with the workshop. This isn't generally the difficult part for me, and I'd be pretty chuffed if I was to go home on the 14th with the energy to squeeze the good ideas I currently have into the time I don't have so much of.

I've had an idea for a couple of poems swimming around in my mind for about two weeks now, and only just today even found time to make some notes in my journal. By now, of course, only half of the initial ideas are still there. But that is okay and, while I might not have been getting to do much poetry or story writing, planning on the novel is ahead of schedule, so it all balances out fairly well. The ideas mostly came while I was listening to a particular song anyway, so maybe when I play it again, they will all come flooding back. Fingers crossed.


nathan curnow said...

Yo tiggy... i wanna start a Macca Pacca fan club. would you be in? you know... the rock collecting dude from In The Night Garden. perhaps membership is the price of a rock! hope you're well

Tiggy Johnson said...

Sounds great Nathan. We'd all be in in our house, even though we have other faves. My daughter even got one of those big fat Upsy Daisy hug pillows for xmas. Gotta love the Ninky Nonk.

Vilana said...

Hi Tiggy,
Sorry to have missed your workshop.
I was selling my house and the day of the workshop was the first open for inspection day.
Would love to come to the next one (workshop I mean) though.
Please, keep me posted.
Have a great day