Friday, 23 January 2009

getting in early

It's not usual for me to send submissions off until the last week they're due, or maybe the second last week. And, being an editor of a magazine, I know this is the case for most people, as I receive almost half of the total submissions in the last two weeks.

Sending stuff out so late often means I miss a whole heap of deadlines and opportunities, because I get busy with something else and don't find time to put it all together.

But in the last few weeks I have been trying to be productive and have sent some of my work out. Some of the places are even open until the end of February.

Not sure I like my chances of maintaing this as a routine, but I can be hopeful. Sometimes I'm not even sure why I tend to wait until those last days. So, feel free to drop a line letting me know whether you send stuff in early or wait until the end, and why.

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Mum2Jay said...

Well, my method is much more hit and miss than yours. I am known to send things out quite early (too early in some cases).

I often seem to have spurts of submission activity and then become lazy or complacent, missing out on opportunities altogether.

Poor organisational skills I guess...