Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Things are almost back to normal now that I have had both eyes done and the patch came off the second one this morning. I am still suffering a little shock every time I look into the distance and can actually see things properly. If I'd known how much difference it would have made, I might have done it sooner. Although I did have to wait until I stopped breastfeeding. I wonder how many others can say that of cataract surgery. Hmm.

Anyway, I did manage to get to a workshop at the weekend with children's writer and illustrator Alison Lester. The workshop was organised by a local (ie Belgrave) writer's group, the Lazy River Writers, who have a different workshop every year, although usually in October. I have been lucky enough to score an invite to the past few.

The workshop had a different format to what I'd expected, but I think I came away with what I'd hoped to.

As a writer, I've found that, since having kids, people often tell me I'll become interested in writing for children once mine are old enough to really appreciate books. My eldest turned seven last week and both he and my three year old love books. In fact, we often encourage Claudia to take a book on longer drives because she'll be so absorbed in it she'll ignore her brother's taunts. But the interest hasn't really come my way (yet).

I am ready, however, to start thinking about whether I might like to have a go at it. So, perhaps, over the next few months, I might keep an open mind, actively think about it and maybe even make some suitable journal notes. All this while I venture into a bit of non-fiction, which, other than university essays, is new to me. I'm sure I'm not alone in admitting that having a go at a new genre/style/form can be a little scary. So I'll stick to one at a time.


nathan curnow said...

good to hear, tiggy. enjoy those new eyes.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Thanks Nathan. Looking forward to your book launch.