Thursday, 9 July 2009

new eyes

I’m typing in Word with the font size set to 24 and I am still straining to see the letters because I’m using only one eye. The new one.

Technically, of course, it isn’t a new eye, although I do have a brand spanking new intraocular lens in my left eye. I began the process of cataract surgery on Monday and while I am pleased with the result in all the ways that really matter, I have been having a tough time seeing since.

My left eye seems to work well. In fact, I think I can already see from it better than I remember seeing ever before. The right eye, with contact lens, can see just as well as it has been able to for months, perhaps years. But, the two are not cooperating. My brain hasn’t worked out how to combine images from each eye into one nice one. Result = weirdness. I can’t really explain what it’s like, other than weird. Close up is easy to describe…everything’s pretty much double, unless I use only one eye, which of course results in strain and then, when I look in the distance afterwards, an almost dizzy sensation. Hence, I’ve been quiet online, and in fact, will probably not post again until after my other eye has been done and they have settled to some level of cooperation. My right eye gets operated on next Monday, 13th, and the patch comes off the next day. I hope I will be back to normal soon afterwards, but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high.

As for looking into the distance, things are clear but it’s like my right eye switches off at some point and I end up using just the new one. My depth perception is lacking, which means there is no driving and in fact, I have no idea when I will be able to drive again.

So, without being able to read, write, sew, drive or even watch TV comfortably, I have been going a little crazy. Being school holidays has perhaps helped, although the biggest distraction has come by way of tomorrow being my son’s seventh birthday. I have been baking, closing one eye every time I need to read a new line in the cookbook/s. I have not been brave enough to use the sharp knives. I am glad I made him a new apron before surgery.

I am making everything in one person serves (ie. muffin sized). So far, we have caramel mud muffins, lemon cheesecakes, lemon cream-cheese cakes and plum jam swirl cakes, and the mix for the snickerdoodles is having its half hour in the fridge before being rolled into small balls in cinnamon sugar and going in the oven. I am yet to decide what else to make.

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