Friday, 22 May 2009

inspiration is everything

There are literary things happening all over the place this month, and it's true that it's been tough trying to get my head around it all, let alone finding time to do the little extras, like share it with you. I have so far been to three poetry afternoons/nights as well as reading at and attending the Newstead Short Story Tattoo. And there is the Emerging Writers' Festival still to go...starts tonight.

To backtrack a little, the slam was a great night, and I absolutely loved the work of Maxine Clarke, who won first prize. Will have to make sure I get to see her feature some time.

Last weekend in Newstead was also fabulous (with the possible exception of my darlings waking at 5.30 on Saturday morning then trying not to wake us by whispering at the tops of their voices). I read a story from 'Svetlana' titled 'A Thousand Lasagnes' on Saturday. As is usual for me, I didn't have a camera, but Miss Literary Minded posted a group shot here. I also went to two other events and enjoyed listening to a fabulous variety of voices and styles. It's great to know the short story is definitely alive. Neil Boyack did an excellent job organising the Tattoo and promises there'll be another in 2011. Yay.

Today I am trying to organise myself for the Emerging Writers' Festival. Unfortunately I won't make it to the opening tonight, but tomorrow I will be at a poetry performance workshop, might get to some of The Speakers' Corner on Sunday and then will be in town pretty much non-stop from Thursday to Sunday.

On Thursday 28th, I will be part of the 15 Minutes of Fame program, hosted by Angela Meyer, at the City Library (free entry), alongside Jenny Blackford, Helen Ross and Peril Magazine.

On Saturday 30th, I will be speaking on a panel called 'Just Write Dammit!' with Victoria Carless, Andrew Hutchinson and PD Martin, hosted by Matt Davies.

I will be at the SPUNC table at the Page Parlour from about 12-1.30pm on Sunday, and for the rest of the weekend I will be here and there, mostly at the town hall.

It's been difficult to fit in much writing around so many events. Most of my writing time has been spent preparing, but I have managed to fit some in. A couple of poems, a little redrafting, the beginnings of two new stories and I even worked on my novel, which I thought I'd put aside for May. It actually sounds like a lot when I put it like this, which I guess is the major upside of getting to so many events. Other than just enjoying them for what they are. Of course.

See you at the festival!

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Mum2Jay said...

Hey Tiggy,

I'm hoping you're well and truly inspired after attending Nathan's workshop on the 23rd.

Hopefully I'll catch you at the festival on the 31st at some point.

Glad you've been getting some writing done...Great stuff!