Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I have been meaning to update you on the performance workshop run by Nathan Curnow that I attended at the weekend, but life has been getting in the way. As it does so efficiently.

The workshop was excellent. I came away with questions answered and a general feeling that I am on the right track. But the best part, which is the reason I so love a workshop, is that I came away with several ideas for new pieces. Nathan had us write twice and I'm certain I'll pursue the first piece I started and am sure there is at least a good idea in the second piece. Then, waiting for the train, and then on it, I made notes about more ideas, and filled several pages in my notebook (about 8 I think). Just when I thought I'd finished making notes for the trip, a moronic passenger inspired a new one, his behaviour fitting perfectly with something we'd discussed in the workshop. And there was just enough time to scribble before I had to get off.

Unfortunately I haven't yet found my way back to the notes, as I've been getting ready for this weekend. Also because we've had a house full of coughers and, in case it wasn't enough, one of the cars has gone for a repair today and will need to stay overnight. I'm really hoping it will be ready early afternoon tomorrow, or else I'll need to use public transport to get home after the 15 Minutes of Fame at the City Library. When you live where I do, a 7.35pm train takes me to a 9pm bus, which lets me off a mere 15 minute walk (with only the occasional streetlight) from home at about 9.30pm. One of the more unpleasant aspects of living in the bush.

Although the hour-plus train-writing time will make it all worthwhile.


lisa said...

I was running a workshop at the same time as Nathan's, I should have come and said hi! Glad to hear it went well.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Cheers Lisa,
I actually tried to stop by yours afterwards, but couldn't get through the door. Figured you must have left.
Be able to say hi to me tomorrow ;-)

Mum2Jay said...

Sounds great Tiggy!
New ideas are always worth celebrating...

I detest wasted time -- there are too many books to read, and I also find train travel the perfect time to do some writing. Watching people and imagining their lives is kinda fun too ;)

estelle said...

Hi Tiggy! I was glad I caught your book mini-launch and 'Just Write Dammit' today. Haven't managed to fully do the 'homework' you set, but I did look askance at someone at the next table at dinner tonight and have a little think about him and his 'character'.

Tiggy Johnson said...

Hi estelle. Great to hear you tried the 'homework'. Like Mum2Jay says, it can provide entertainment even if not used to spark creativity. Would love to hear how it goes if you do follow through with a piece.