Wednesday, 6 May 2009

squirmy laughter

The weekend was fun with a book launch and then the Word Tree, which pulled in a decent crowd. I read over my two newer pieces in the morning beforehand and decided that not only was I not going to perform one, but I didn't even like it anymore. This happens every now and then, although thankfully not too often. I will come back to it sometime, as I definitely still like the idea.

As for the other poem, I went with it and it was received rather well, with laughs in the right places, a few squirms and an audience member who gave me feedback based not only on his own thoughts but what he'd observed as he looked around the room too. I might have to sign him up to tag along whenever I get out.

It's a fair bet I'll pull this piece out again on Tuesday 12th May for one of the rounds in the slam I'm competing in. It's at ETs Bar, 211 High St, Prahran (upstairs) from 8.30pm. Yes, the home of the Spinning Room, although instead of an open section, you get to vote for slam competitors. There's a ripper line-up, so come along.

Before that though, I'll be at Passionate Tongues on Monday to see features Yvette Stubbs and Phil Norton. Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd, from 8.30pm.

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