Monday, 11 May 2009

performance workshop

You may have noticed I've recently become quite interested in performance poetry, or poetry performance, or spoken word or whatever you want to call it. Partly because working on short pieces suits my family commitments and other 'life' needs at the moment, but also perhaps because of the challenge it presents as far as the actual performing goes.

It seems the timing of this interest is excellent. Several months ago I remember commenting about the perceived lack of discussion/guidance available as far as performance goes (although not here). You can do a workshop, short course, TAFE course, uni subject, etc to learn more about and focus on writing poetry, which may include a short introduction to spoken word, but where do you go to learn more about writing for performance, or even the performance itself? Do you take an acting class? Comedy writing/scriptwriting course? Or hope to get feedback at gigs when you sign up for the open stage?

Which is why I'm so excited about this workshop. I've already worked out for myself that writing for the page is different to writing for the stage, and I am hungry for more. And if nothing else, I'm sure I can demonstrate that it's possible to eat chocolate biscuits and start a new piece all at once.


nathan curnow said...

Hey Tiggy

thanks for the plug. lookin forward to this one. slam away.

Tiggy Johnson said...

No probs and thanks. I'm looking forward to it too.