Sunday, 28 June 2009

a change

I spent yesterday at a stitching day organised by a local quilting shop. It was great. I started (another) new project. I had a lovely catch up with a friend, as well as meeting many others, got a copy of this fabulous book (and now have to decide what to make first), and took my mind completely away from writing and page seventeen. I had planned to read some stories from the competition in the evening, but I was too tired, so sat in front of the box instead.

I did manage to read a fair handful of stories today. From the 26th to the 40th. Last year, and the year before, the judge read every story and made her own longlist and shortlist before choosing the winning pieces. This year though, I am providing the story judge, Zenda Vecchio, with a longlist. It would have been nice to get through all of what I have received so far, before the onslaught that I expect over the next couple of days. But it didn't happen.

Now to decide whether to read a couple more, or to pick up the new project I started yesterday...

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