Sunday, 14 June 2009


I've had a pretty slow weekend, which has been nice. In fact, aside from taking my son to basketball yesterday morning, I don't think I even left the house.

That doesn't mean I did much writing though, or anything else. Other than spending time in the kitchen. We've been renovating the kitchen and it is almost complete, with mainly just the walls left to worry about (and one more tall cupboard that we won't get just yet). This afternoon I spent a while taking all my cookbooks back after we carried the buffet and shelves back in (the new floor only went down during the week).

I always find it difficult to decide how to organise cookbooks. Whether to group in terms of the type/style of cooking, ie. vegetarian, seafood, cakes, etc, or whether to put books of a series together, or whether to make it all up as I go. In the end I think I mainly made it up as I went, making sure my faves are close together. I also kept out some (about a dozen or more, I think) I haven't used for years to give to our local CFA who are collecting cookbooks for those who lost their houses in the Black Saturday fires.

And because I've never done it before (and because it may never look so neat again), I'm going to share a picture.

The other difficult thing about cookbooks is choosing what to make. Although it is true it didn't seem difficult this weekend as I felt like making something quick and easy and went straight to the caramel mud muffin recipe, knowing I always have all the ingredients. And there are even two left...although not for long.

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