Sunday, 21 June 2009

time off

It's that time of year when I all but put my own writing aside to dedicate my time to the magazine. For about the next three months, I will be dealing with the admin of running a magazine, reading submissions and entries, organising the editorial committee, getting entries to judges, then notifying and liaising with contributors and doing the layout. Not to mention organising a launch.

I'm actually a little sad about one aspect of the launch this year. The cafe where we've had every launch thus far has changed hands and it just doesn't seem to be the same anymore. So, I might have it somewhere else, although probably still in Belgrave.

As far as my own writing, I don't schedule any time at all in to write, so pretty much only write during this time if and when inspiration strikes. Given I do a lot of my writing when inspired anyway, this probably isn't a huge deal. Although it does mean I probably only write first drafts. Or notes. At the EWF I spoke about writing when inspired and I might post a little about that sometime. This afternoon I am off to a poetry reading in Ferntree Gully, so maybe I will experience my first bout of writing during my non-writing period really soon.

Although before I quit writing for a while, I'd better spend some time sending out a few things. If you're looking for somewhere to send something too, page seventeen, GDS and four4 submissions close on June 30.

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