Friday, 5 June 2009


Hey, it seems the young folk at the Emerging Writers Festival influenced me in more ways than just at the bar. Yes, I'm on twitter. Woot. I think. Come find me there.

In other news, I made a start on the admin for the page seventeen Short Story and Poetry Competition and I'm pleased with the numbers, knowing there are still several weeks to get entries in. We accept them until June 30. The judges this year are: Zenda Vecchio for the story section, and Nathan Curnow for poetry. Last year, we published 10 shortlisted stories and 16 shortlisted poems, so get cracking with that pen/keyboard.

I have also been busy with a few other things that will be new to Issue 7. Things that I hope will generate some excitement, although I'm afraid I'm not going to tell you just yet what they may be. And, if all goes well, it is something I will do more of for Issue 8. Just thinking about issue 8 seems weird, quite frankly. Who would have thought, 5 years ago, we 'd be where we are now, all without funding? Yay for page seventeen.

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